What’s new with Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise?

product update

New releases of Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise are now available!

Check out highlights of the latest updates designed to help you get the most out of your CRM and email systems. And, get a sneak peek of what’s coming in Riva Insight.

Riva Cloud

The newest version of Riva Cloud is now available for users with automatic update. (Riva Cloud Enterprise customers can choose when their version will be updated.)  Riva Cloud version 2017.5 was released on September 8, 2017 and has a number of highly sought-after features like time zone awareness for peak, non-peak, and blackout hours.

  • Time zone awareness for peak, non-peak, and blackout hours means that you can configure your sync frequency for increased optimization of API calls and other resources. With this update, all sync policies are configured to detect individual user time zone settings in the CRM and apply this time zone to peak, non-peak, and blackout times for that individual’s sync policy.
  • Improved secure ‘Forgot Password’ process will now allow you to select ‘I’m not a robot’ button, and enter a reCAPTCHA image to receive a verification code if you have forgotten your Riva Cloud password.
  • Google shortcut for Riva Cloud means signing into Riva Cloud from Google is two clicks closer than before.
  • Corrected range of colors for Google-based sync policies means for the default Google Calendar, the colors are now supported in Riva Cloud.

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Riva On-Premise

Riva On-Premise, version 2.4.44, was released October 15, 2017 and has a number of enhancements to improve user experience. The update includes improved sync error prevention for users.

  • Improved sync error prevention includes the automatic (instead of optional) prevention of data synching if the transactions metadata is missing. This means if a file, which includes a transaction’s metadata (ID’s, time stamps of previous syncs) is missing, the sync won’t take place because the integrity of the sync is compromised.
  • Improved user interface to manage the folder structure of Riva-created folders in email clients. A new user interface allows for easier management of the default folder structure created during the first Riva sync.
  • Sync configuration enhancements include, by default, the CRM account module not synchronized, randomization of connections in a connection group so the load can be distributed over multiple connections, and new options to re-initialize data sync for selected items.
  • Enhanced scalability management allows for easier enabling of scaling and viewing sync statistics.  This includes allowing metadata files to be automatically backed up if they have changed since the previous backup, the ability to control the number of new users assigned to nodes in a multi-node deployment and automatic recovery in multi-node clustering and List Service which lists all of the available services currently running on a cluster node.

The latest version of Riva On-Premise also includes more efficient customizations, an alternative way to upgrade Riva, enhanced monitoring and logging, and CRM-specific, IBM Notes and Google-specific updates.

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Riva Insight

Riva Insight (for Office 365, Outlook and IBM Notes) version 2017.3 is soon to be released with an exciting new look and feel. Stay tuned for these updates:

  • New look and feel includes better separation of elements on the screen, account address displayed on the screen, and persistent View-in CRM icons.
  • Support for displaying additional fields for accounts and contacts means additional CRM fields can be displayed. This allows for the creation of hyperlinks between the same or other fields and combining multiple fields to display as a single field.
  • Ability to apply company branding. The side panel can be customized with company branding and colors.
  • There is also support for Riva Insight On-Premise with users on multiple domains.

And don’t forget that whether you’re upgrading Riva On-Premise, planning major changes to your CRM implementation or thinking about migrating to Office 365 or G Suite/Gmail, Riva’s Success Team is always available to help.

Reach out to our team for more information or for assistance in making the best of your Riva experience.