Unlocking your CRM potential: CRM and email system third-party document storage support

By John Beauchamp, Riva Client Engagement Manager

Helping our customers deliver amazing CRM and email system integration that satisfy specific business requirements is what sets Riva apart from our competition. This blog series is dedicated to sharing the creative ways Riva has helped our customers unlock the full potential of their CRMs. Learn how you too can use Riva to catapult your business to new levels and use advanced CRM and email integration to achieve customer delight.


We think it’s pretty cool that our customers include some of the largest financial services and mutual life insurance companies in the United States and around the world. These companies pride themselves on the value and security they have provided their clients for many generations. These companies’ goals are closely aligned with delivering the highest quality service and security possible. To achieve these lofty goals, choosing third-party vendors who align with their core values and can deliver on their promise is vital. Riva is honored to help these leading companies be successful.

Why would a large U.S. mutual life insurance company choose Riva?

Simply put, because Riva works – and it works the way enterprise companies need it to work. Riva offers the most reliable CRM integration available for Outlook, Office 365, Mac, Gmail, IBM Notes, GroupWise, Good Technology, CipherCloud, Marketo, and mobile devices. But beyond that, this particular company was quick to see how Riva aligned nicely with their core values and could use Riva’s advanced sync options to meet their specific sync requirements.

Increased value

Remember that for this company, customer delight and providing continued value are key to their success. The company chose to leverage Riva’s automated email-to-case functionality to help drive customer delight. Each time an email is received in their support email account, Riva is able to intelligently and automatically detect whether that email is related to an open case. If it is, Riva automatically associates the email to the related case and related CRM workflow is triggered. If the email matches a closed case, Riva automatically creates a new case and relates the newly created case to the original closed case. Riva’s advanced interoperability allows full integration with any case management workflow the customer has configured in CRM. This functionality saves hours of time for their support and sales teams and enables the teams to have informed, personalized, current and rich conversations with their clients from the moment they connect.

Increased security

Another critical differentiator in this company’s choice of Riva was Riva’s ability to customize attachment storage to satisfy their compliance requirements. Riva’s ability to redirect email attachment storage to an internal system (rather than storing the email attachments in the cloud) was critical for this company. Attachments can contain highly sensitive information. This company’s data compliance required that documents and email attachments not be allowed to be stored in the cloud. Typically, when Riva syncs an email to CRM, associated attachments are stored directly in the CRM and associated with the email. However, in this case, all attachments had to be stored on-site in the company’s document management system (DMS) while still being related to the emails that are stored in CRM. The company needed to leverage the security offered by their on-premise DMS and still benefit from the ease-of-use offered by having the attachment associated with the email that was stored in CRM. To meet this requirement, during the email sync process, Riva was configured to store the email in CRM and to extract email attachments and store them in the secure DMS. As part of the attachment extraction process, Riva provides the email record ID to the DMS to ensure correct linking of attachments to emails. With this custom configuration, the company was able to eliminate any risk of having sensitive information get into the hands of the wrong people and retained the functionality that their users expected – having full access to emails and links to related attachments from the emails in CRM.

Does your company have custom email attachment requirements?

Interested in learning more about how Riva’s external CRM and email attachment storage can help your company satisfy compliance requirements? Do you have a custom attachment of related sync requirement that would help your company reach its goals? Let us know! The Riva Client Engagement Team is here to help. Contact us.