Meet Riva at eXtreme365 for Microsoft Dynamics!

Are you attending the eXtreme365 Microsoft Dynamics event in beautiful Lisbon this week? We’re looking forward to meeting with you at booth #25.

Extreme 365 2017 lisbon

Riva is a proud sponsor of the eXtreme365 365 event happening this week in Lisbon. Team Riva is looking forward to connecting with Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners and customers to share how Riva connects CRM and email systems using flexible and advanced integration that solves complex synchronization challenges.

We invite you to schedule a conversation with Alexander Fischer, Business Development Central Europe, Stephanie Weinand, Business Development EMEA, Wolfgang Berger, Director of Business Development EMEA, and Patricia Wörishofer, Marketing and Business Development EMEA.

eXtreme365 – now open to partners and customers

eXreme365 will be a great opportunity for Microsoft Dynamics partners to meet with Microsoft leaders, learn about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Intelligent Business Cloud roadmap, and learn innovative ways to build their Microsoft practice. As a Microsoft partner, Riva is the perfect tool to add to your toolkit. There has never been a more exciting time to partner with Riva! We are building a world-class partner program. We have already signed partner agreements with several of Microsoft top consulting partners. View our flexible partner programs.

New this year, eXtreme365 is now open for customers! It’s a great opportunity to participate in a two-day program specifically designed to encourage customer adoption and educate end-users on best practices for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Whether you are a Microsoft partner or a customer, it’s also a great opportunity to learn more about Riva CRM Integration – a perfect addition to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

How Riva benefits Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers

  • Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise deliver advanced, server-to-server integration between all Microsoft Dynamics editions and Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, G Suite (Gmail), IBM Verse, IBM Notes and Domino, GroupWise, and Marketo. Riva syncs Microsoft Dynamics data reliably. There are no client-side plugins to install, configure, or manage.
  • If you’re looking to go beyond the free Outlook and Notes plugins, think Riva. Riva increases sales productivity and improves Microsoft Dynamics adoption by seamlessly syncing contacts, leads, calendar activities, tasks, opportunities, cases, quotes, projects, custom fields, custom objects, and custom categories. Plus, we offer many advanced configuration options to solve the most complex sync requirements.
  • Riva Insight is an exciting new addition to our product portfolio. Riva Insight delivers a Microsoft side panel for Office 365, Outlook, and IBM Notes to enable users to quickly access contextual Microsoft Dynamics contact and account information, upcoming events and recent interactions, related Google data (Maps, Search, News, Weather), InsideView customer intelligence, and TrustSphere relationship analytics. Riva Insight helps sales executives boost win rates, increase productivity, and improve relevance in customer and partner communications.
  • Third-party developers can use Riva for Developers to integrate their applications with Microsoft Dynamics and the email systems we support. Microsoft Dynamics integration has never been quicker or easier.

Leaders in CRM and email integration

Riva is the leader in CRM and email integration. Our integration platform is trusted by over 125,000 CRM users and 1,200 companies globally every day to keep their CRM and email systems in sync.

Contact us to discuss your integration requirements or schedule a conversation with Alex, Stephanie, Wolfgang and Patricia if you plan to attend the eXtreme365 in Lisbon, Portugal. We look forward to seeing you at booth 25!

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