OpenSymbol relies on Riva for bridging CRM gaps and became an advocate for Riva in the Italian market

OpenSymbol, an Italian CRM consulting company, packages tailored solutions for their customers. CRM enables the sharing and tracking of critical data and puts it at the customer’s disposal which is the first step to develop successful relationships and grow the customer’s business.


The team at OpenSymbol has handled more than 200 projects in more than 10 years of business. Their experience cuts across different sectors: from insurance companies to big automotive players, from structured companies in the manufacturing sector to the banks, to public administration. OpenSymbol joined SugarCRM as a partner in 2007 and is currently the only Italian partner to have earned the recognition of a “Elite Partner” (with only 18 other partners around the world) in 2017 (for the second consecutive year), thus confirming the status as National reference partner. OpenSymbol joined Salesforce in 2014 and is now one of the few Certified Partner in Italy.

The Challenge

OpenSymbol offers its customers expertise and best practices consulting around the CRM system. A CRM system offers a centralized data storage, access to important and relevant customer data that should enable the efficient internal and external communication supporting the sales, marketing, and other related functions within the organization.

However, in practice, the regular and daily communication with customers and prospects is largely done by the email system, with a laptop, or a smartphone, or a tablet and more mobile from varying locations and time-zones. Any CRM puts the customer in the center of the business and enables 24/7 access and storage of critical customer data. This data should, however, be, firstly up-to-date, and secondly, available for the complete organization independent of the location or functional/ hierarchical position.

In this set-up, the great challenge comes from the need for a simultaneous use of the email system, for communication purposes, and the accessing and storing of the communicated data in and out of the CRM system. The presents a series of questions:

How do these two systems work together for the end-user? How to set-up and enable the “co-operation” of these two daily used, critical systems to make the work of the end-user, often a Sales Manager, more efficient and user-friendly? Who in fact accepted the investment into the CRM system?

Ideally, CRM data should seamlessly integrate with the email system. The relevant data such as customer contact details, calendar appointments, sales call, and customer meeting reports, customer and project related tasks, customer emails including attachments, opportunities, cases and other data should be accurate, up-to-date, accessible for everyone from everywhere, from any device and securely stored. To make the seamless sync of the two systems a reality, there was instantly a need to find a reliable CRM and email synchronization solution.

In the following steps, an analysis of potential partner solutions was made. An important factor was that the offered CRM and email systems of customers are supported, that the solution does not compete with the CRM itself but clearly adds value to the complete offering. It was critical that there is a clear business value for the end-customer and of course for the partner recommending and/or reselling it. After learning about Riva CRM sync, OpenSymbol was convinced that the Riva solution would be very valuable both to them and to their customers.

The Solution

To get OpenSymbol started with Riva, the set-up, testing and configuration of their Riva demo sync account was completed in co-operation with Riva’s technicians and OpenSymbol’s development team. The set-up and configuration process took two hours as Riva is very easy and straightforward to set-up. Riva was installed on a Windows server/VM and no plug-ins were installed or configured on the client side. This unique benefit is exactly what customers and solution providers like OpenSymbol desire.

For the sales and marketing operation within a company, Riva offers continuous support for their partners, providing price quotations, marketing material, detailed technical information or online and live demos customers and solution providers alike. Partners are offered free internal licenses of Riva products – so they can be used and experienced by the staff. This helps to understand how Riva syncs. Because Riva works in native applications on the server, there is no end-user training ever needed. The operation of the CRM and email applications is also not altered.

The Results

OpenSymbol has been a very active partner of Riva CRM Integration in the Italian market for several years. “Riva’s support has been a great benefit and has greatly helped in the explaining of the value add of Riva sync to the prospects and customers of OpenSymbol.” Says Enrico Maggi, CEO at OpenSymbol.

“Should we need a price quote, answers to technical questions, or a solution proposal to varying customization requests from our prospects or customers, Riva is always there to help and support us the best way to convince a prospect or to satisfy an existing customer”, says Laura Bertinato, Sales Consultant at OpenSymbol.

As a committed and Authorized Reseller of Riva OpenSymbol earns a partner margin for the new Riva license sales and also for renewals. During the partnership, Riva and OpenSymbol have won and served several new and renewal customers and some of them such as Gabrielli and Marazzi have also agreed to publish a case study explaining the value add of Riva.

Riva and OpenSymbol are also joining forces in a number of upcoming customer events including; the OpenSymbol customer journey event. Riva will join OpenSymbol in giving a keynote speech and workshop for the attendees.

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