Become a Riva Open Referral Partner

open-referral-partnerWe know there are literally thousands of product enhancements and integrations for the most popular CRM and collaboration systems on the market. It can be daunting to think about adding all the valuable add-ons to your business practice, ramping up your sales team, and learning how to position and sell them all.

Here at Riva we understand that concern and as a result we are pleased to offer our Open Referral Program.

Our Open Referral Program is deliberately simple and uncomplicated. When a customer is looking for the best integration between their CRM system and their email/collaboration platform, simply let us know about it! We will do all the heavy lifting of helping the customer evaluate our technology platform, helping them purchase, and ultimately helping them implement and support the solution. What’s even better is that you receive a referral fee for introducing us to your customer.

Learn more about the Riva Open Referral Program

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