How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along?

Wow – what a year so far. New technologies coming online, sales opportunities abound in the marketplace, and new and exciting people joining the workforce. But alas, it is already April and each of us needs to take a hard look at those work-related resolutions that have been collecting virtual dust since January.

newyearsresolutionsThe problem with New Year’s resolutions is that, even though most of us make them, we often don’t put in place the plan to make them happen. A resolution without a plan doesn’t get us very far. Resolutions and plans are only significant if you can execute them in an orderly manner – and achieving the goals you established as part of your resolutions. So how do we do that when we finally look up and discover that almost a third of the year is already behind us?

Here are a few key activities that each of use should incorporate into our list of resolutions – coupled with what can you do to increase your workplace productivity:

  • Make lists and take an honest look at how you are spending your entire day. Identify gaps in your day and assess your lost productivity.
  • Understand why and where your time management went wrong. Take steps to correct this immediately. You might also discover a variety of tools like Riva Sync and Riva Insight to streamline your approach and automate certain parts of your day!
  • Prioritize the critical things that will grow your business and delight your customers.
  • Group similar tasks together so you are working towards improved time efficiency.
  • Consider productivity tools like OmniFocus or Evernote.
  • Use tools like Riva to optimize manual data entry tasks that steal time from your day.

Every customer interaction and sales opportunity must be viewed as a work-in-progress that has multiple connection points. Each time that key emails, calendar events, and tasks are automatically synched by Riva to your CRM, you will be that much closer to being able to use your time better to pursue the higher priorities of your successful sales cycle.