Top 10 reasons Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers love Riva

We shared this Top 10 list during Microsoft Convergence in Atlanta, Georgia and thought we’d share it here on our blog so our readers can access it any time. Hope you enjoy!

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Riva transforms sales and support by connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 directly to Office 365, Exchange, Gmail and G Suite, IBM Notes and Domino, GroupWise, and Marketo. Riva delivers full integration support between Dynamics CRM and iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Top 10 Reasons Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers Love Riva

  1. Supports hybrid, cloud, and on-premises systems
    With Riva, there are no limitations.  Riva can sync any data between any combination and version of Dynamics CRM with any combination and version of Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange.  Riva syncs all combinations of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid CRM and email systems.
  2. Robust email integration
    Full support for enterprise email integration with the leading collaboration platforms: Office 365, Exchange, Gmail/G Suite, IBM Notes/Verse, and MicroFocus GroupWise.  Server-to-server synchronization provides full, always-on support for all desktop, web and mobile email clients without having to install any desktop or browser plug-ins or mobile apps.  Riva syncs your CRM and email contacts, appointments, tasks, opportunities and cases.  Riva can be configured to track emails against CRM contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, quotes and custom objects – automatically or manually.
  3. Excellent performance
    Sync processing, queues, and workflows get carried out by Riva Server or Riva Cloud, so your team has up-to-date information on contacts, calendar appointments, and more.
  4. Unlocks the full value of large Dynamics CRM deployments
    Riva unlocks the value of large CRM deployments for customers faced with mergers and acquisitions, multiple company sites, multiple instances of CRM, multiple mail servers, and complex sync requirements.  A single Riva server can support multiple instances of CRM, multiple CRMs and multiple instances of different email systems.
  5. It’s the perfect solution for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments
    Riva syncs CRM data to all native mobile devices – without having to install a separate application.  Riva keeps your personal and business information separate. Schedule a meeting on the golf course with your doctor?  No worries, your CRM will only display that the time slot is taken, not the details of the appointment.
  6. Syncs more Dynamics CRM objects
    Riva offers robust syncing of contacts, leads, calendars, service requests, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, quotes, orders, and more.
  7. Supports custom fields and custom objects
    Complex, global Dynamics CRM implementations and Riva synchronization for Exchange/Office 365, IBM Notes, Novell GroupWise and Gmail / G Suite implementations include advanced support for custom objects, custom fields, custom workflow, and other custom requirements.
  8. Ability to extract and store email attachments in third-party storage / DMS systems
    Customers are thrilled with this new feature that helps lower attachment storage and management costs, helps with data and information access compliance, and may be part of required workflows.
  9. Supports a dozen of the world’s best CRMs and five leading email collaboration systems
    If your company struggles with data integration due to mergers and acquisitions, or the co-existence of multiple instances of Dynamics CRM or different CRMs and/or email systems in different business units and subsidiaries, you’ll love Riva.  Riva future-proofs your CRM integration strategy.
  10. If loving Riva is wrong, our customers don’t want to be right!
    Customers rave about how intuitive, innovative, and seamless Riva is. “Riva Cloud is an excellent product. It allowed me to manage my Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with data in Outlook and my iPad/iPhone and Mac Mail when on the road. Riva saves me hours of data entry and tracking client emails.
    – Paul W., Senior Account Manager

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