Relationship selling: Be valuable from the very first interaction

In today’s world of relationships, your value to customers and potential customers really has very little to do with the products or services you sell. It has almost everything to do with how you go about selling yourself.

header-image-riva-news-update-jan-2016Customers on the whole spectrum from individual users to SMB and enterprise customers prefer to purchase products and services from people with whom they have an enjoyable relationship – usually a relationship they have developed with the salesperson they are buying from. What is very important to recognize is that, once a customer has identified a need that requires them to buy something, the actual purchase decision revolves around personalities and environments and not only because you have the best product, service, or value. If your sales staff members are not focused on relationship selling, your business may be missing sales opportunities.

How to make a great first impression:

It is a tried and true saying in life – you only get one chance to make a first impression. Skilled sales staff who are able to quickly develop rapport and trusted relationships will have the clear advantage of distinguishing themselves and your company’s products and services from the sea of competition.

It might seem a bit “sales 101”, but it is worth mentioning that when meeting a customer for the first time, a smile and handshake that exude confidence and warmth will go a long way in putting your potential customer at ease and open to doing business with you.

Customers like to know they are being heard. If customers are confident that you are interested in listening to and understanding their pain points, immediate trust and confidence is built that lasts far beyond your first interaction. Your sales opportunity has just been improved.

Be valuable in all aspects of business life by following these simple guidelines:

  • Remember that what you sell does not matter. What matters is the value and passion a salesperson adds to a customer’s situation. Solving a problem by understanding and filling a need is much more valuable than selling a product or service.
  • If your selling strategy is based simply on the best price, you are at risk of someone losing the sale to a company that appears to charge less. Unless you have a better understanding of your customers’ needs and can demonstrate how your solution provides more value, you deserve to lose the deal! Trying to win an opportunity on price alone is fraught with risk!
  • Once you have established a trusting relationship, it is much easier for you to demonstrate and prove your solution’s value. You have now earned a place in your customer’s trusted circle and it will be much harder to be replaced by another salesperson and/or some sort of catalog. You are now the go-to person for your customer.

Take for instance the different companies that offer CRM and email integration (we are more than a little biased here). If you do your research, we expect you will find that Riva offers more functionality and connectivity for our customers than any other integration solution in the industry. It solves serious user adoption and satisfaction problems for customers and brings them flexibility in ways they may not have even imagined. Our unique server-side, always-on solution brings significant value to our customers. But these aren’t the only reasons over 1,500 customers trust Riva to solve their integration challenges. They choose Riva because we put a high value on building relationships with our customers and understanding their needs. This knowledge drives the future of our product options and road map. It builds confidence in our customers that we will continue to meet and exceed their expectations and allows us to continue to increase the value that Riva delivers for customers.

Make it your goal to focus on relationships from the very first interaction. We are confident you will quickly begin to see the value it brings in growing your business!