How do we define success? It’s all about…

Riva’s fiscal year ends September 30. And we can’t imagine a better way to close out 2017 than to be honored as a recipient of the Canadian Business Excellence Awards (CBEA). It’s a natural time to pause and reflect on our success and growth. And what a year it has been!

Engaged employees equal delighted customers

2017 has been an amazing year in so many ways. Our team has grown to over 100. What a milestone! And that’s not just a team of 100 people who are simply here to collect a paycheck. We take huge pride in hiring and retaining top candidates (we call them “10s”). Our team’s collective mission is to delight our customer, partners, and other team members. And do we ever! A big part of our focus is to demonstrate how Riva increases value as customers’ requirements mature.

Innovative products

You can have a great team to support your customers, but that’s only part of your success equation. You also need amazing products and services to solve your customers’ challenges. Our products continue to lead at the cutting edge of technology. We are the leader in automated CRM data integration and relationship intelligence. Our customers trust us to deliver simplicity, clarity, and automated integration for their CRMs, email systems, mobile devices, Marketo, and other enterprise applications. Our offering has expanded to include relationship mapping and analytics, marketing and sales insights, cognitive insights and AI. We continue to focus on the elegant simplicity for which Riva is renowned. All of this value is delivered directly where users live – in their email systems.

The proof really is in the pudding

Every company needs a measuring stick by which to measure its success. Companies often measure success by their profitability, customer and employee satisfaction, employee growth, and innovation.

The Canadian Business Excellence Award takes into account all of these benchmarks for success. This national annual award is administered by Excellence Canada and PwC Canada in recognition of outstanding achievements by organizations in the private sector from coast to coast. There is a rigorous set of requirements that companies must meet – including a broad survey of customers and employees – to be considered for this award. The CBEA judging committee focuses on three performance areas: Customer delight, employee engagement, and innovation. We are very proud to be a recipient of the 2017-18 Canadian Business Excellence Award for Private Business. We are among 25 Canadian organizations that will receive a Canadian Business Excellence Award for clearly demonstrating a strategic approach to improving business performance and achieving goals, with a focus on three key performance areas: Customer delight, employee engagement, and innovation.

In addition to receiving a Canadian Business Excellence Award, Riva has also been honored with several other awards in 2017: number one ranking on the Alberta Venture Fast Growth 50 list, a Bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service Excellence, and finalist for the 2017 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award for the Canadian Prairies region.

“A key part of our mission statement is to delight our customers, partners, and team members,” stated Aldo Zanoni, Riva CEO. “We’ve built a world-class team that truly cares about our customers and their journey. Being recognized for customer delight, employee engagement, and innovation is icing on the cake!”

What will you do to delight your customers?

Having the right technology in place is a key part of ensuring your success. Riva’s customers include 15 of the world’s largest banks, 35 Fortune 500 companies, numerous Global 1000 companies, and hundreds of fast-growing SMBs. We are trusted by over 1,200 companies (and 125,000 CRM users). We delight in helping our customers and partners thrive by providing both immediate and future value and ROI to their CRM implementations. We’d love to help you meet the goal of delighting your customers.

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