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Are you ready for a new kind of customer success? Join us for an all-new series of Salesforce events – Salesforce Advantage Tours coming to Sydney, Singapore, and Melbourne (#SFAPAC), and Salesforce World Tours coming to New York City, Atlanta, and Dallas (#SFWT) and see how to connect with your customers in a whole new way.

SFDC_logoWe just finished participating in nine Salesforce World Tour events globally, and now we’re ready to go again! World-class organizations are using Riva to transform their sales, support, and marketing success by seamlessly integrating Salesforce with their email collaboration system and mobile devices. Riva connects Salesforce directly to Office 365, Exchange, Google Apps, IBM Notes, GroupWise, and Marketo – without needing to install or manage any client plug-ins or mobile apps.

Here are just some of the reasons why Salesforce customers choose Riva:

  • Riva actually works! The first thing that customers ask us is: “So, does your product actually work? We’ve been using Salesforce for Outlook (or another plug-in) that just hasn’t worked out the way we were told it would!”
  • Riva is not a beta product. Since 2008, we’ve earned the trust of over 1,500+ businesses, including 35 Fortune 500 companies, 12 of the world’s largest banks, and hundreds of SMBs. Our largest customer uses Riva to sync 28,000 CRM users. We support a dozen CRMs and the five leading corporate email systems. Our customers tell us our Sync Engine is the best in the industry – bar none.
  • Riva syncs more data. We don’t “just” sync contacts and calendar events. Riva seamlessly and reliably syncs Salesforce contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, custom objects, custom categories, and other CRM data.
  • Riva delivers unsurpassed flexibility and functionality. One-way sync, two-way sync. Automatic and manual email logging. Calendar integration support for appointments, meetings with multiple attendees, full-day and multi-day events, recurring events, and event deletions. Advanced contact filtering. Integration of custom objects. Extensive configuration options.
  • Riva drives Salesforce adoption and satisfaction. This is what Riva customers tell us really care about. Customers are willing to invest in an integration platform that boosts win rates, helps deliver better customer experiences, and syncs data reliably and automatically. Riva is a proven solution. It seamlessly syncs Salesforce data to Outlook for Windows and Mac, Apple Mail, Outlook Web App, Gmail, IBM Notes, iPad, iPhone, Android, and other email clients and mobile devices – without needing to install and manage plug-ins that sound great on paper, but may lack maturity and reliability.

We invite you to stop by the Riva CRM Integration booth and see for yourself why Riva is a must-have solution for 50,000+ CRM users globally. You’ll discover how companies are using Riva to improve Salesforce adoption, increase sales productivity, connect mobile workers, and reduce flip-flopping between Salesforce and email applications.

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