Riva photos from Salesforce World Tour London event

Salesforce World Tour 2015In his opening keynote at this year’s Salesforce World Tour London event, Salesforce Vice Chairman and President, Keith Block said, “The most successful companies will be the ones who put the customer at the center of their universe.” Are your customers at the heart of your business?

It’s predicted that by 2018 there will be five billion smartphones on the planet, firing off new connections. That’s a lot of new information, especially considering that 90% of the data that exists today was created in the past year. Every company should have the goal of ensuring the systems they rely on to interact with their customers can cope with this explosive growth. That’s where Riva comes in.

At the London event, the Riva team shared how Riva closes the technology chasm between your disparate systems and opens up new ways to get a 360-degree view of customers. World-class organizations are using Riva to transform their sales, support, and marketing success by seamlessly integrating Salesforce with their email collaboration systems and mobile devices.

Riva delivers the best way to sync Salesforce directly to Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and Google Apps, IBM Notes and Domino (including IBM Verse and IBM SmartCloud Notes), GroupWise, and Marketo – without any client-side plug-ins to install or manage.

One of the most important ways to drive Salesforce adoption and success is to provide reliable integration for Outlook, Office 365, Mac, Gmail, IBM Notes, GroupWise, Good Technology, CipherCloud, and mobile devices.

Learn more about how Riva drives Salesforce adoption and success through better and more reliable integration.

Riva is proud to be sponsoring almost 10 Salesforce World Tour events globally this year. Come see the magic of Riva at Salesforce events in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, London, Paris, Munich, Melbourne, and Amsterdam. Learn more here.

Riva photos from the Salesforce World Tour 2015 event in London

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