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Riva CRM Integration for Gmail and Google Apps

Riva integrates the world’s best CRM systems – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP Cloud for Customer, Oracle Sales Cloud, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Infor CRM, and others – directly with Gmail and Google Apps. Seamlessly sync CRM contacts, calendars, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, and custom objects. Riva supports all Google Apps email clients including Gmail (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, other browsers), Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Android devices, and other mobile devices.

NOTE:  Integration options may vary by CRM and Riva edition. Contact us to discuss your CRM integration requirements.


1.  CRM contact and lead integration for Gmail and Google Apps

Riva offers advanced CRM contact and lead integration for Gmail and Google Apps. Create new contacts and leads in Gmail and Google Apps and Riva will update your CRM. Modify existing CRM contacts in Gmail and Google Apps and Riva will sync the changes. Riva delivers one-way and full, bi-directional integration. Riva can be configured to sync relevant contacts for users, groups, and sales teams based on contact ownership in CRM, team membership, security permissions, and custom filters.

2.  CRM calendar integration for Gmail and Google Apps

Customers love how Riva keeps their CRM and Gmail and Google Apps calendars in sync. Riva syncs all your appointments, meetings (even meetings with multiple attendees), full-day events, multi-day events, and recurring events. Riva blocks off the time associated with private events in Gmail and Google Apps and it keeps the details of these appointments private. With Riva, your CRM calendar is available from all Google Apps-supported mobile devices including Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android smartphones and tablets.

3.  CRM task integration for Gmail and Google Apps

Stay on top of your task list whether you’re in CRM, Google Apps tasks, or the task / reminders apps on your preferred mobile devices. Riva Admins can choose whether they want tasks to sync automatically or whether they want users to assign a category to those tasks they wish to sync between Google Apps, Gmail, and CRM.

4.  Gmail and Google Apps email integration for CRM

Riva makes email integration easy for CRM users. Track emails against CRM accounts and contacts using Riva’s Create New Email folder. (If the CRM accounts and contacts don’t exist, Riva can automatically create them or route them through to an administration person for review.) Riva can track all emails automatically or allow CRM users to decide which emails are important enough to track or log in CRM. Riva AssignTo folders enable users to track and log emails against CRM opportunities, cases, and custom objects. (Riva also supports Gmail and Google Apps’s “Move To” folders to track and log emails to CRM contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases.)

5.  CRM opportunity integration for Gmail and Google Apps

Imagine being able to see your CRM opportunity pipeline directly from Gmail, Google Apps, and all Google Apps-supported email clients and mobile devices. With Riva, it’s possible! Riva creates and dynamically manages a CRM Opportunities folder in Gmail and Google Apps. Click on the folder to display a list of your open opportunities (or your team’s open opportunities if Riva is configured for team selling environments). Click on an individual opportunity to display relevant details in an HTML email summary. Riva ConnectBar provides Review and Edit links that provide convenient links to CRM opportunity records without any manual searching.

6.  CRM case integration for Gmail and Google Apps

Service desk staff will appreciate the ability to view open CRM cases and support tickets from all Gmail and Google Apps webmail, desktop, and mobile clients. Case information including case numbers, case priority, case origin, case status, case owner, case details and description, and other data get synchronized. Riva ConnectBar provides convenient Review and Edit links to open the cases directly in CRM without any manual searching.

7.  Riva SmartConvert for Gmail and Google Apps

Create new CRM opportunities and cases and any associated contacts and accounts by simply dragging-and-dropping email into the Create New Opportunity or Create New Case folders. Riva SmartConvert helps reduce manual data entry, drive CRM user adoption, and increase sales. We have some customers who save 30-60 minutes per day with this powerful feature. That works out to an extra week of selling time per year.

8.  Riva AssignTo for Gmail and Google Apps

Quickly log email in Gmail to CRM opportunities, cases, and custom objects. This helps sales and support staff to track the customer conversation at the CRM opportunity and case level rather than having to go through the complete contact/account history.

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