Riva CRM Integration for Novell GroupWise

Looking for the best and most reliable way to sync CRM data to Novell GroupWise? Riva syncs the world’s best CRM systems to all Novell GroupWise email clients and Novell Data Synchronizer mobile devices. With Riva, there are no GroupWise plug-ins or separate mobile apps to install or manage. Riva syncs CRM contacts, calendar events, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, custom objects, and more to GroupWise. Increase your sales and CRM productivity with Riva SmartConvert and Riva AssignTo. Use Riva On-Premise to meet your sync requirements. Riva supports Novell GroupWise 2014, 2012, 8, 7.3+, and GroupWise WebAccess. The following screenshots show Riva’s support for Novell GroupWise 8.

NOTE:  Some of the features shown in the screenshots below may require customization or special configuration to set up (e.g., custom object and custom field integration). Integration options may also vary by CRM and Riva edition. Contact us to discuss your CRM sync requirements.


1. CRM contact and lead integration for Novell GroupWise

2. CRM calendar integration for Novell GroupWise

3. CRM task integration for Novell GroupWise

4. Novell GroupWise email integration for CRM

5. CRM opportunity integration for Novell GroupWise

6. CRM case integration for Novell GroupWise

7. CRM custom object integration for Novell GroupWise

8. Riva SmartConvert: Create CRM opportunities from email

9. Riva SmartConvert: Create CRM cases from email

10. Riva AssignTo: Track emails against CRM opportunities, cases, and custom objects

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