The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) uses Riva to manage its internship program in Salesforce

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) is the collaborative enterprise of Australia’s mathematical sciences. To accommodate its growing team, AMSI turned to Riva to synchronize emails and opportunities from Outlook to Salesforce. In addition, AMSI implemented customizations to synchronize Salesforce custom objects for its internship program that now gets managed primarily in Outlook.


AMSI is a collaborative venture of Australia’s universities, professional societies, and government agencies, that seeks to integrate research, education, and industry involvement to deliver mathematical and statistical capability and provide a strong base for national innovation. Embedded in the University of Melbourne, AMSI’s mission is to achieve radical improvement of levels of mathematical capacity and facility in the Australian community. AMSI’s internship program is an innovative university and industry collaboration that connects business and other organizations to the vast research expertise in Australia’s universities. AMSI uses Riva’s custom object sync function to manage its internship program in Salesforce.

The Challenge

AMSI implemented Salesforce back in 2014. The combination of a new CRM system and a quickly growing team put AMSI in a position of need. The AMSI team was never able to successfully implement the Salesforce plug-in and found themselves in a position where they were unable to sync emails at all. Manually updating Salesforce can quickly leave gaps and lead to unreliable data, so AMSI followed the recommendation of an Australian CRM consultant and decided to implement Riva in early 2015. “The team grew, so we needed something to communicate updates for individual internships from our internship program”, said Anne Nuguid, Program Consultant at AMSI. Furthermore, half the organization uses PCs, while the other half use Macs, so the sync solution needed to be cross-platform applicable and useable on any device.

Most importantly, the company had a requirement for a synchronization tool that reflected its custom objects in Salesforce called “Internships”. Users wanted to be able to create CRM contacts and opportunities from their Outlook, and similarly assign emails to already existing opportunities within the internship program.

The Riva solution stood out for AMSI because of its ease of use, the low learning curve, and the fact that it is not cumbersome for staff to use but rather fits in seamlessly with Outlook. This helped streamline processes and led to significant time-savings.

The Solution

Riva is used primarily by the administration team of AMSI to manage the internship program. Administration staff not only value the time-savings and ease of use that Riva provides, but they also enjoy being able to operate almost entirely from their Outlook client rather than having to jump back and forth between CRM and email. Using the SmartConvert and Drop folders functionality within Riva, the AMSI staff is now able to quickly and easily update existing opportunities in CRM from their Outlook client. This functionality was fundamental to AMSI since half their team is on the road most of the time doing B2B and building relationships with their partner universities. Riva has made it very easy for their staff to selectively sync emails to Salesforce, and create new contacts within Salesforce.

The AMSI B2B staff can almost effortlessly sync emails to their opportunities while they are on the road, thus making it easier to log their activity. The activity can then be used for management reports.

AMSI case manages each of their internships. Using Riva makes allows them to provide exceptional customer service and prepares them for future expansion because they can see what is happening with each case from a centralized location.

Riva provided a seamless solution for AMSI’s requirements of updating the custom objects “Internships” in Salesforce. Having two customizations in place – custom objects and advanced filtering – Anne was impressed by how smoothly everything went. Even though the customizations were implemented over the busy Christmas period, and despite the different time zones, the Riva Success Team was always right on top of the case making sure the customizations were carried out swiftly and professionally. “The time difference was the only tricky bit”, Anne admits, “but the Success Team communicated with us on a daily basis. Issues were solved within one day after testing. Altogether, the customizations took three to four weeks to implement.”

The Results

Riva solved AMSI’s requirements by enabling administration staff to quickly and easily save correspondence for internship projects in Salesforce, even though the actual communication happens in Outlook. The Business Development team also likes to use Riva for storing correspondence for projects in Salesforce.

When asked about future plans for Riva, Anne mentioned that even though they are very happy with what’s in place now, there might be a need to modify processes or implement changes that reflect growing staff numbers or structural changes in the long run. Should this need occur, Riva will be more than happy to assist Anne and the staff at AMSI with realizing their new goals.

“I found the Riva service to be really good,” Anne said. “Staff are very attentive, especially during the implementation of the customization, we were able to get somewhere efficiently despite the time difference. The process was quite quick.”

Finally, Anne praised the Riva service. “Peter Charnock is always around when I need something, he gets back to me very quickly. Biggest thing that worked well was the service.”

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