Riva for Gmail and Google Apps: Reliable server-side CRM synchronization and integration

You asked for it. You waited for it. And now it’s here!

We are pleased to officially announce Riva for Gmail and Google Apps – available July 7, 2015. We have started the final phase of our Early Access Program for Riva for Gmail. Gmail users can now take advantage of the same reliable, always-on, server-side CRM synchronization and integration that customers enjoy with Outlook 365, Exchange, IBM Notes and Novell GroupWise.

google_apps_cloudA big thank-you to all of the participants in our Early Access Program Phase 1 for your great feedback and enhancement requests. We value and appreciate your time and feedback in helping shape this great product and helping create a solution that everyone will love.

Riva for Gmail and Google Apps will be available for purchase July 7, 2015 for our Riva Cloud customers. This will be followed closely by the release of Riva for Gmail and Google Apps for our Riva On-Premise customers. Please apply here to get a head start and be ready to implement Riva for Gmail as soon as it’s released.

Take advantage of our free training video to get up-to-speed and view how Riva delivers enterprise-grade CRM integration for Gmail and Google Apps for organizations of all sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs and individual users. No more browser plug-ins to install or configure. Full support for your preferred browser on your favorite desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

(Yes, Riva for Gmail supports all Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop Gmail email clients AND all mobile device clients – without having to install any plug-ins or mobile apps!)

Synchronize email, appointments, contacts, opportunities, cases, projects*, and more between Gmail and CRM

We’re excited to share a few screenshots with you of how Riva for Gmail provides the ultimate user experience to access CRM data in your preferred Gmail email client.

Email synchronization

Riva synchronizes appointments, contacts, email, opportunities, cases, quotes and other CRM objects directly between Gmail and your CRM. Here you see an email that has been processed and synchronized from Gmail to CRM because it has the “Processing Complete” label assigned to it.


Synchronize CRM contacts and leads

Riva seamlessly syncs CRM contacts and leads automatically and identifies them with a CRM label to to keep CRM contacts separated from your personal contacts. Contacts and leads can be synchronized in both directions.


Bi-directional calendar synchronization

You can choose to sync your calendars to/from your default Google calendar or to a separate CRM-labeled calendar.

gmail calendar sync

Display data as email on mobile devices

Riva can be configured to display CRM opportunities, cases, quotes, projects, and custom objects so they appear in the related Folders in Gmail. Because they are created as emails that contain the CRM information, this information can be viewed on all Gmail clients including mobile devices. Using Riva’s single-click Connect Bar, users can open the specific records in CRM in View or Edit mode.


New features will be available in a phased process for Riva for Gmail and Google Apps. We’re working on adding Google Drive for email attachment archiving and providing advanced support for access to opportunities, cases, SmartConvert, and AssignTo functionality.

Register for Early Access

Interested in trying out Riva for Gmail and Google Apps? Register for our Early Access Program to see how to take Gmail and CRM integration and synchronization to the next level.

Go here to learn more about Riva for Gmail and Google Apps.

*Varies by CRM.