Sullair Australia uses Riva to sync service and appointment activities for field technicians

Sullair is a global leading supplier of portable air compressors. Due to the nature of its business, Sullair employs a large base of field technicians on the road. In 2011, Sullair turned to Riva after recognizing a need to integrate its coordinators with field staff. Today, Riva continues to empower technicians with insights into their Outlook calendar bookings on their mobile devices and gives coordinators the ability to monitor and book field staff remotely – secure in the knowledge that Riva will sync any appointments between their Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Outlook platforms reliably.


Sullair Australia is subsidiary of Sullair LLC, recognized globally as a leading supplier of stationary and portable air compressors along with compressed air treatment equipment and vacuum systems. Having over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market has allowed Sullair Australia to develop products to meet the specific needs of the Australian market. Sullair’s Champion and ShopTek range of stationary electric compressors and diesel portable compressors are used by customers ranging from small workshops through to some of the nation’s largest manufacturing and mining operations. Sullair uses Riva to manage coordinator’s scheduling and technical staff use Riva for insight into their calendars while on the road.

The Challenge

Being a service business with a large base of field technicians on the road, Sullair was in need of a solution that would allow coordinators to book technicians most effectively. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 service calendar proved to be too hard to comprehend with too much scroll and inadequate visibility. The single biggest challenge was that Sullair needed Microsoft Dynamics 365 to sync service and appointment activities to Outlook, and for coordinators to see and book these appointments. That’s when the Melbourne-based company turned to Riva with this requirement.

The Solution

In 2011, Sullair tried Riva and found an instant solution for its problem. Riva On-Premise was installed on a Windows server 2012, hosted on a VM host with 8 scores and 24 GB RAM. The Dynamics 365 On-Premise platform shares the same server.

Using Riva, coordinators can now book appointments and service activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a two-minute sync cycle. Coordinators have full visibility of who is working where and when, while technical staff full access to their schedules on their phone calendars.

Being a server-side solution, Riva is an extremely reliable solution for mobile devices. Riva not only syncs appointments and schedules to mobile devices, but the entire suite of CRM items – including Microsoft Dynamics 365 contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, and custom objects. Riva also offers additional advanced configuration options to satisfy all customers’ custom sync requirements.

The Results

Sullair needed Microsoft Dynamics 365 to sync service and appointment activities to Outlook, and Riva is achieving this reliably. Coordinators and technical staff no longer need to worry about missed appointment opportunities or double-bookings. Sullair is also very happy with Riva support, noting that the support has been great every time they have needed to contact the team. In fact, Riva was recently recognized for achieving a 98% customer satisfaction for the last two years in a row with a Stevie Award for Customer Service. This is one more reason why Riva is the preferred CRM and email integration platform for over 125,000 CRM users, including Sullair.

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