Better Place Australia discovers better Salesforce and BlackBerry sync solution

Better Place Australia implemented Riva Integration Server from Omni to automatically synchronize Salesforce information to executives’ BlackBerry devices and to Microsoft Outlook. Riva replaced the Outlook plug-in for Salesforce that needed to be installed, configured and managed on each user’s mobile device, desktop and laptop.


Better Place is the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) services provider. Given the vital need for a sustainable energy alternative to carbon-emitting fossil fuels, the company is growing quickly and now has offices in the U.S., Israel, Denmark, Australia and Canada.

As Better Place Australia works to assemble the network of puzzle pieces for sustainable transportation in their region – the electric cars, batteries, switch stations, software and various key stakeholders – the importance of tracking and managing partner and customer relationships across the company’s global offices and mobile devices continually increases.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Riva, Better Place Australia used the Salesforce Outlook plug-in to synchronize contact and calendar data. The Outlook plug-in needed to be installed, configured and managed on each executive’s BlackBerry, desktop and laptop and offered limited CRM synchronization capabilities. The Outlook plug-in did not offer a very scalable or reliable solution.

The Solution

Better Place Australia deployed Riva Integration Server from Omni to overcome the challenges associated with the Salesforce Outlook plug-in.

In contrast to the Salesforce Outlook plug-in, Riva gets installed once at the server level instead of on each user’s mobile device, desktop and laptop. The Salesforce administrator then creates a Riva synchronization policy and assigns it to the appropriate user groups in Active Directory. The CRM synchronization policy defines who receives Salesforce synchronization, what gets synchronized, how often synchronization occurs and other advanced integration options.

Once installed, Riva automatically and transparently allows users to access the following Salesforce information from any Microsoft Exchange client, including Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Mac Mail, Entourage, BlackBerry, iPhone and other ActiveSync mobile devices:

  • Salesforce accounts, contacts and leads
  • Salesforce appointments, tasks, calls and meetings
  • Salesforce opportunities, quotes and cases
  • Archived Outlook emails in Salesforce

In addition, users can take advantage of Riva’s advanced integration features, such as Riva SmartConvert and Riva AssignTo Drop Folders. These features allow users to drag-and-drop an email from Outlook or a BlackBerry into a special folder in their mail client. This will automatically create the appropriate information in Salesforce. For example, the account, contacts, and related opportunity, case or quote. This saves valuable time.

The Results

Better Place Australia executives now enjoy transparent, bi-directional integration between Salesforce, Outlook and their BlackBerry devices. User adoption has increased significantly. Because Riva runs at the server level, it provides a more scalable integration solution. The synchronization occurs automatically and users no longer need to manually sync items. Salesforce users appreciate the time Riva saves them.

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