Less hassle, more time: Jetpets enjoys Riva’s reliable email and calendar integration

Australia’s number one pet travel agency, Jetpets, relies on Riva to simplify processes and save time. Riva does this by seamlessly integrating SugarCRM with Office 365 – leaving staff with more time to focus on their most important customers, our pets!


Melbourne-based pet travel company, Jetpets, was founded in 1991 by Sandy Matheson, who, after gaining years of experience in the airline industry and being a lifelong animal lover, saw the need for a pet travel agency focused on the safety, comfort, and welfare of pets. Sandy’s original vision still holds true today and is reflected in the company’s daily mission; to safely and comfortably transport animals around the globe. Today, Jetpets is widely regarded as Australia’s number one pet travel expert. Jetpets relies on Riva to effortlessly capture relevant customer information between Office 365 and SugarCRM.

The Challenge

Jetpets implemented SugarCRM in 2015. The company of 200 employees quickly realized that for users to adapt to the new CRM quickly, it needed a solution that would assist in reliably capturing all relevant information without the need to memorize or cut and paste customer details from Office 365 to SugarCRM. Jetpets had tried using Act! integration, but found it didn’t meet all the necessary requirements for them. This was when their supplier and Riva partner, Evolution Marketing, suggested Riva CRM Integration.

Jetpets needed a solution that would not add to the workload, but would function transparently in the background and relieve staff of extra work. “We want [our sales staff] to use this without realizing they are using it”, said Scott Williams, National Sales & Marketing Manager at Jetpets. For this, “it is perfect”.
Basically, the ideal sync solution was to be:

  • Reliable
  • Unobtrusive
  • Part of the solution, not part of the problem
  • Easy to use

Using Riva just makes business sense. Today, Jetpets’ sales teams work smarter – not harder – when it comes to systems integration, and can rest assured that they remain, above all, fully accountable for the information they capture.

The Solution

Jetpets found Riva through their supplier Evolution Marketing, in whom they put great trust. And they weren’t let down. Scott described the implementation of Riva as “very easy using our supplier Evolution Marketing”, pointing out that their two main requirements were instantly met with Riva; ease of use and accountability.
Riva enabled Jetpets staff to access a whole range of new functionalities and features, including:

  • Synchronization of mobile devices
  • Synchronization of various email clients and CRM systems
  • Email archiving
  • Calendar synchronization of recurring events

The Jetpets sales team uses Riva to capture “everything in relation to every contact we have without us lifting a finger”, Scott said. This translates into tremendous time savings, allows smooth transactions, and ensures data accuracy. “Emails being captured and linked is the main [Riva feature] that we utilize”, Scott explained. There might even be plans to expand the CRM integration or add more features in the future. This would be easy enough to realize with Riva, as new, improved functionalities are constantly being investigated.

The Results

Integrating SugarCRM with Office 365 has never been easier. Jetpets has found the perfect solution for its sync requirements, knowing that Riva simplifies workflows, saves time and improves data quality. “I would highly recommend this product for anyone who considers streamlining and capturing everything that you need from your prospective client in the blink of an eye”, Scott added. The entire sales team is certainly benefitting from Riva. By having more time and less worry on their hands they are now able to focus instead on their customers and, most importantly, their four-legged travel companions.

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