Leading solicitor relies on Riva to integrate SuiteCRM with Microsoft Exchange

Less hassle, more time: A leading solicitor’s office uses Riva to synchronize SuiteCRM with the e-mail System Microsoft Exchange. The company selected Riva to manage their calendar activities, addresses and e-mails to ensure high efficiency and CRM user adoption for their client service. With the use of Riva’s SmartConvert and SmartCreate the users can automatically create CRM opportunities and accounts by copying an email into the appropriate Riva SmartConvert Drop Folder in their e-mail application.


Based in UK, the solicitor’s office offers their services for modern business, providing innovative solutions and real-world advice. The company stands up for what’s right since its foundation. The local business partner with a national reputation went up against a well-known UK manufacturer of luxurious limousines or a big online shopping department store. They are not just lawyers they are advisors who can understand their clients’ business goals and give incisive, direct and effective advice.

The Challenge

Before the company found out about Riva they synchronized their CRM System SuiteCRM and the e-mail System Microsoft Exchange with a plugin named Opacus. But the plugin couldn’t meet their expectations because, support and functionality of the software were problematic for them. Opacus could not provide the required functionality. Furthermore, the plugin needed to be installed locally on every computer of the team. This led to local software updates on every single computer. This setup was time consuming and inconvenient. The company quickly realized that a hassle-free integration between their CRM and their email system, was needed to allow them to synchronize appointments, contacts and emails.

The most important requirement was an automated synchronization for Outlook items between Exchange and the CRM system. The solicitor’s office team, especially their secretaries and their free earners, need fast access and an easy usage of the new systems. An easy user adoption of a new solution would bring advantages like fast roll out and minimal changes in the daily work of the employees. The company’s business partner – a UK’s leading provider of Design, Websites, PPC, SEO, Social Media & Marketing for Law Firms  – recommended Riva and they gave Riva a try to solve their sync issues.

The Solution

After Riva got recommended, Riva CRM Integration got implemented to manage more effectively the company’s customer relationships. Riva synchronizes appointments, events, and e-mails between their Microsoft Exchange server and SuiteCRM.

Server-side installation: Riva’s server-side technology allowed for a fast rollout. Riva only needed to be installed on one single server, which meant there no need to install on every single employee’s devices. The solicitor’s office needed more than 40 licenses. An installation of that size on every single computer, laptop, and device would have skyrocketed the implementation time and cost. The company chose Riva’s On-Premise solution for their needs. Riva Cloud provides the same functionality without any installation on any server, by delivering CRM integration in the cloud.

Cost savings: Not only did the fast and easy installation result in immediate cost savings, but Riva’s seamless and transparent sync made using the new systems effortless – instantly improving user adoption. Only three IT Administrators needed to be trained on how to setup and manage the policy requirements in Riva’s dashboard. Riva works invisibly behind the scenes and has basically no front end interface. Users simply drag and drop their e-mails into folders in their e-mail application and contacts, e-mails and, opportunities are automatically created and updated in SuiteCRM by Riva – little to no training required! For the solicitor’s team, the time it would have taken to add data from Outlook and then add it manually to the CRM has been reduced to zero. Not to mention the huge improvement in their CRM data quality.

Support: Companies today are looking for software that solves their business challenges and gives them a competitive edge – helping improve their team’s performance and efficiency. Choosing a solution that delivers outstanding support to help mitigate any challenges that may arise is also imperative. “In our experience, Riva support is excellent and has allowed us to easily and seamlessly sync mailbox items between Exchange and the CRM system”, states the company head of IT.

The Results

With a single installation of Riva, data between SuiteCRM and Microsoft Exchange is being reliably synchronized. The two systems are now updated automatically and in a timely fashion with Riva’s invisible server-side sync. Customer specific e-mails – including meeting notes – are smartly converted and archived to the CRM for real-time access available to everyone in the company. Due to the easy server-side installation and the excellent support, the implementation and roll-out phase was very efficient and short. Moreover, the solicitor’s office has saved time and money, improved their process efficiency, and put an end to repetitive manual data entries into the CRM.

“Being able to easily sync emails, contacts, and appointments to the CRM system is the main advantage for our company”, outlined the company head of IT.

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