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Riva CRM Integration
Visit Riva at Salesforce World Tour

Riva CRM Integration is very excited to sponsor nine Salesforce World Tour events in 2016! We invite you to visit the Riva booth at the upcoming events in Chicago and Boston. Trevor Poapst, our VP of Marketing and Sales, will be at both events along with a local Regional Sales Manager.

What is Riva?
Riva is a leading integration platform for Salesforce and email systems. We integrate Salesforce directly with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and Google Apps, IBM Notes and Domino, and Marketo.

But, doesn't Salesforce already do this?
Yes, Salesforce offers an Outlook plug-in (Salesforce for Outlook) and server-side sync solution (Salesforce for Exchange). But, you may have customers whose needs are not satisfied by these integration solutions. Riva delivers:

  • Advanced contact integration: Riva syncs more Salesforce data to Exchange and Office 365. We sync contacts, leads, and person accounts. Advanced contact filters ensure Riva only syncs Salesforce contacts that are relevant to users (or groups of users) based on their sales team, region, visibility and security settings in Salesforce, or contact ownership.

  • Advanced calendar integration: Riva is a great go-to solution for calendar integration if you have customers who need to sync recurring events, full-day and multi-day events, events with multiple invitees, and custom event categories to improve calendar activity reporting. Riva can be configured to sync custom fields and custom calendar objects.

  • Advanced email integration: Emails can be logged against Salesforce contacts and accounts manually or automatically. Salesforce users can convert emails into opportunities, cases, or custom objects by simply moving inbound or sent emails to a Riva SmartConvert folder. Users can track emails against Salesforce records (opportunities, cases, custom objects) using Riva AssignTo folders.

  • Advanced Salesforce data integration: Riva brings Salesforce opportunities, cases, and custom object information into Outlook, Outlook Web App, Outlook for Mac, and mobile email clients. Riva provides links back to these Salesforce records from your email client and mobile devices, providing quicker access and more flexibility to sales, support, and marketing executives.

  • Gmail and Google Apps integration: Google Apps is a quickly growing cloud-based email system. Because Riva syncs server-side, it means there are no Chrome dependencies or plug-ins that need to be installed. We support ALL Google Apps email clients and mobile devices Gmail (using any web browser), Outlook for Windows and Mac (connected to Google Apps), virtual desktop environments, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Integration for IBM Collaboration Solutions: There are still some very large IBM customers out there. Riva enables IBM customers using the latest IBM Verse client, IBM SmartCloud, and on-premise Notes and Domino systems to benefit from Salesforce integration without needing to migrate to Office 365 or Exchange.

  • Additional customer insight at your fingertips: Riva Insight surfaces relevant contact data in Outlook and IBM Notes from Salesforce, InsideView, TrustSphere, and public data sources. Riva Insight is highly configurable and can display context-aware data from virtually any cloud application.

It's all about customer success
Are there some areas where we compete? Potentially. But we really believe that there's power and value in having a strong portfolio of partner solutions that go beyond the feature set (and limitations) of the out-of-the-box Salesforce for Outlook and Exchange solutions.

Over 1,500 Riva customers globally
Riva works with over 1,500 customers globally, including many of the worlds largest banks and insurance companies, numerous Global 1000 and Fortune 500 firms, and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. We are very easy to work with. Our customer retention rate during FY 2015 was 95.32%.

More information
We invite you to visit our booth at the Salesforce World Tour events in Chicago and Boston. Check out Riva on the AppExchange. Go here to learn more about Riva Cloud, Riva On-Premise, Riva Insight, Riva for Developers, and Riva for Marketo.
Riva Datasheet

Riva for Salesforce
Learn how Salesforce customers are using Riva to bridge the CRM integration gap and unlock the full power of Salesforce for all users within their organizations.
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Dreamforce 2015
Here are some of the highlights from our time at Dreamforce 2015 in San Francisco.
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Riva is trusted by over 1,500 customers globally  including 50 Fortune 500 companies, 15 of the worlds largest banks, numerous Global 1000 companies, and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses.


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