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Riva CRM Integration


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Riva is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Social Connections 12 in Vienna!

We invite you to connect with our team to learn about Riva's advanced, server-to-server integration between IBM Verse, IBM SmartCloud Notes, IBM Notes and Domino, IBM Notes Traveler devices, and the world's best CRM systems.

Leaders in CRM data automation, integration, and relationship intelligence. Riva is trusted by over 125,000 CRM users and 1,200+ companies globally every day to keep their CRM and email systems in sync. Our customers include 15 of the world's largest banks, 35+ Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses.

Riva helps IBM customers sync CRM data seamlessly - including contacts, leads, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, custom objects, and custom categories. With Riva, there are no IBM Notes plug-ins to install, configure, or manage. And Riva delivers extensive configuration options to satisfy the most complex CRM integration requirements.

Riva helps IBM customers accelerate sales and increase user satisfaction. Here are just a few of the ways we do it:

  • Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise deliver the best server-to-server integration between your CRM system and IBM Verse and IBM Notes and Domino. Riva syncs CRM data transparently and reliably with IBM Collaboration Solutions. There are no client-side plugins to install, configure, or manage.
  • #ThinkRiva - increase your sales productivity and improve CRM adoption by automatically syncing contacts, leads, calendar activities, tasks, opportunities, cases, quotes, projects, custom fields, custom objects, and custom categories. And Riva offers tailored configuration options to solve your individual or complex sync requirements.
  • Riva Insight puts relationship intelligence, relationship mapping and analytics, cognitive insights, and AI at users’ fingertips directly in IBM Notes. Users can quickly access contextual CRM contact and account information, upcoming events and recent interactions, related Google data (Maps, Search, News, Weather), InsideView customer intelligence, TrustSphere relationship analytics, Sia by Opentopic, and other public data sources.
  • Third-party developers can use Riva for Developers to integrate their applications with CRM and the email systems. Building value through integration has never been quicker or easier.

We look forward to meeting you in Vienna!

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Corinna Schmeykal, Marketing and Customer Care, EMEA
Corinna works closely with all of our customers and partners to generate new business, ensure customer success, and uncover new business development opportunities. Email Corinna  |  Connect on LinkedIn
Stephanie Weinand, Sales and Customer Care, EMEA
Stephanie is focused on ensuring the success of Riva customers and partners and developing new business connections and opportunities throughout EMEA. Email Stephanie  |  Connect on LinkedIn

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